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Wireless connectivity has become the most convenient way for communication in today¡¦s marketplace. Without the need for physical connection, things that were once apart can now be linked up easily and connected over the air without boundaries. Combining the wireless connectivity with the Internet network brings the ubiquity of access and interaction. The prevalence of mobile phone being the most indispensable and personal device has catalyzed the context of information sharing and content delivery for kiosk and signage applications in out-of-home environments.

MajorLink enables the ubiquity of wireless interaction with its uniquely designed wireless modules that can ride on SMS, GPRS, 3G and/or WiFi network to remotely manage kiosks or signage installed in fixed location or moving object. With an enduring focus on the adoption of mobile bluetooth, 2D barcode and other proximity technologies, MajorLink is able to mobilize user interaction for both online and offline content integration. MajorLink also stays focused on the trend for the upcoming NFC applications for intelligent kiosk and smart poster.
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SmartSign - Wireless LED Display
MediaConnect - Mobile LED Messaging
SenCode - 2D Code Generation Module
SenBlue - Bluetooth Transmission Module