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Transaction kiosk changes the way we interface with the customers. Things that once were carried out face-to-face now become face-to-interface interactions. The primary function for this human machine interface is to enable a self-serve interaction so that users can serve themselves with unmanned operation. Benefits for users include round-the-clock service, convenience of use and privacy of transaction. For retailers or merchants, transaction kiosk is considered to be the most cost effective way for creating a branded storefront or automated store.

MajorLink specializes in the development for new ways of communication and interaction for automated transaction and point-of-purchase operation. With a portfolio of specially-designed kiosk modules, MajorLink strives to empower human machine interaction so as to enable higher interactivity and added convenience. These kiosk modules include custom-build kiosk terminal, card payment SDK, monitoring module and other building blocks for enhancing transaction automation and remote monitoring applications.
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POPstore IKS - Interactive Kiosk
POPstore TDM – Ticketing Kiosk
POPstore iBooth – Integrated Digital Kiosk
POPstore KioskGuard – Alert Notification Module
POPstore KioskRemote – Remote Monitoring Module
SenPrint POM – Photo Ordering Kiosk Module
SenPrint DPM – Document Printing Kiosk Module
SenCode - 2D Code Generation Module
SenBlue - Bluetooth Transmission Module