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Smart card is sweeping across the world and opening up new dimensions in our everyday life. Whether it is for automatic identification, fare collection or customer loyalty applications, smart card has proved its unique appeal among others being the preferred card media. Contactless smart card is perhaps the most widely adopted card type as it does not require line-of-sight between the reader and card to exchange data. It not only speeds up the transaction but also enable a new paradigm of identification and tracking applications.

MajorLink offers smart cards and systems, terminals and complete solutions that have been specifically designed for "one card multi-use" applications. In close collaboration with card vendors, MajorLink has developed unique solutions and optimizes their use with custom-built systems based on modular smart card hardware and software. MajorLink is also actively pursuing the research on advanced identification technologies including NFC in addition to card-based RFID communication, and closely monitoring their evolving applications.
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SenPass LMS - Loyalty Management Platform
SenPass CP - Copy/Print Controller
SenPay SDK - Card Payment Software Development Kit
SenPrint DPM - Document Printing Kiosk Module