Most universities, colleges and schools today are confronting with the challenges towards campus modernization with shrinking funding and rising enrollments. How to leverage on the initiatives of information technology for quality education becomes especially strategic. Today, school administrators are turning to ICT technology in areas of computerization, networking and/or multimedia applications as enabler to enhance the efficiency of administration and effectiveness of teaching.

Campus smart card is getting prevalent as a key ICT innovation for smart campus. It provides unsurpassed convenience to school administrators in facilitating a wide range of authentication control and facilities usage applications. It is versatile for application as a student pass for attendance control, smart key to gain entrance access or electronic token for payment at canteens. Besides this, there are a multitude of services that require micro-payment. Smart card in the form of electronic purse can be used to enable such cashless transaction. Of which photocopying and printing services can now be charged without the need to incur additional administration efforts.
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