Every retailer strives to sell more and accomplish the bottom line. It is no longer enough to offer products and services at fair prices. Successful retailers engage their customers on emotional levels and they know customer experience is the key to maintain a loyal customer base. Although human touch is the essence of good service, good people are hard to find and keep. Self-service makes it a good choice for offering unmanned operation for repetitive tasks while freeing well-trained staff to focus on those who truly need special care and attention.

Retail innovation does not limit itself to self-service but also means a multitude of value-added services like in-store signage, gift card, loyalty program and many other customer-driven initiatives. Self check-out grows quickly as a fast lane for small purchases. With digital signage being installed on product shelf or in front of cashier, there is never a better time to inform customers about the latest offers at the point of decision. Gift card being the electronic gift voucher is also getting popular. This is a winning proposition for retail merchants as they can get the fund from customers in advance while customers can conveniently pay for goods or services on a cashless manner.

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