SenBlue is a bluetooth transmission module that is designed to enable transfer of data from/to mobile device in short range without the need for line of sight. It can be applied to receive image or video from any bluetooth-enabled device. And vice-versa, it can be used to poll and send image or video to any bluetooth-enabled device on opt-in basis. Leveraging on the high growth of bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or PDA, SenBlue is especially suitable for enabling proximity marketing for in-store and out-of-home applications.

SenBlue can work closely with digital signage to push content to viewer in proximity. The advantage of using bluetooth is to avoid relying on mobile network to carry and transmit the content. In principle, bluetooth transmission does not incur any airtime costs. It is particularly appealing to add value to location-based promotion so that viewers can opt-in to receive content in form of image or video. Besides, SenBlue can be used to augment the media download kiosk application so as to enable media download to mobile devices through bluetooth communication.
Bluetooth Transmission Module
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