SenPrint POM is a sophisticated photo ordering kiosk software which can transform digital content into professional quality prints. Each process is printed on demand, in any quantity ¡V whether that's one or a few hundred prints. SenPrint POM comes with a graphical user interface with multiple features for users to display, view, select and order the images input from memory cards, USB thumbdrive, CDR/DVD or mobile bluetooth.

Digital photography spans from technology-savvy to amateurs. With the overwhelming sales of digital cameras and camera phones, more conventional photo lovers have started to enjoy the new way of photo capture. Unlike those computer geeks who prefer to share photo through electronic means, those conventional users still tend to prefer to print but certainly less. How to search and select the pictures out of a large pool of digital images can be challenging.

SenPrint POM aims to put the power of traditional printing back to the hands of the users. They can do it themselves by simply presenting the images over the screen interface. By using a few simple touches and clicks, the selected images can be presented for easy viewing. Order for prints can be made for instant printing, same day pick-up or next day collection. SenPrint POM is specifically designed to support image sorting and cater for multi-folder so as to cope with the increasing capacity for the memory media.

SenPrint POM
Photo Ordering Kiosk Module
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