SenPrint? DPM is specifically designed for enabling print management and cost recovery for document printing. It enables a ¡§pay-per-print¡¨ concept so that users require to pay before getting their prints. Typically, a print console that sits next to the network printer will be in place to store the print jobs pending for trigger and print. Payment using stored-value card or post-paid charging method can both be adopted. The charging scheme usually depends on the number of prints, paper size, single/double-sided and monochrome/color etc.

Today, high speed laser printing and high quality color printing are getting prevalent. A lot of companies and institutes have already started to consider upgrades for their existing printing equipment to higher speed and higher quality. But to offset some of the increased consumable costs, there is a demand for managing the print usage by imposing a pay-per-print charging or print quota concept. SenPrint DPM is such an application software that can be used to enable the easy print management and usage control.

There are many application areas for SenPrint DPM. Ranging from school computer labs to mobile printing hotspots, there is an increasing concern for the uncontrollable expenses incurred in the abuse of excessive printing. SenPrint DPM provides the peace of mind to encourage the usage on a need-to-print manner. In addition, the user can trigger the print out in front of the console at their convenience in privacy. For those jobs that are not desired after printing from the workstation, the user can simply ignore it and the print jobs will be automatically cleared after 24 hours. As a result, the wastage of unwanted prints are reduced to a minimum.
SenPrint DPM
Document Printing Kiosk Module
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