Loyalty concept is about providing the right offers to the right people at the right time. It must start from the point where customer firstly makes contact. When done right, customers feel important and know they are in good hands. Right now, nearly all loyalty cards use magnetic-strip or barcode technology. Their use is limited to identifying customers and storing customer data on central computer. With smart card, some of this information is stored on the card itself. Information can be processed offline, avoiding the need for systematic control and delayed processing by the central server.

SenPassTM LMS is specifically designed to empower differentiated CRM for automated loyalty through contactless smart card. It makes use of convenient contactless technology to eliminate POS delay, reduce marketing costs and increase flexibility. Users simply wave their cards in proximity to the card reader as they make payment at the POS counter. The card reader automatically updates the bonus points and stores the transaction securely providing a speedy, efficient and automated system for CRM processing. In essence, SenPassTM LMS is about creating an engaging experience, personalizing the interaction with individual customers in ways directed by the customer, and thereby developing long lasting customer relationships.


- Faster Point Collection - contactless card technology to support "touch-
and-go" value point accumulation and redemption
- Self-serve Redemption - convenient reward by using self-serve kiosk
to redeem points instantaneously at the point of sale
- Prevention of Fraud - "print-on-demand" redemption coupons are
issued from a loyalty kiosk at the point of transaction
- Card Issuing on the Spot- instant photo taking, data collection, card
printing and issuing on the spot using a photo kiosk


- Easy bonus point scheme with the adoption of contactless smart card
- Convenience of reward provides value experience and empathy to
- Personalized approach to target the relevant offers to the right customers
- Real-time interaction with users through multi-service communication channels
- User participation to create long lasting customer relationships and
business gains


- Bonus Point Scheme - cinema chain, coffee shop, restaurant outlet
- Redemption On Demand - fast food chain, supermarket store, shopping mall
- Frequent Visitor Channel - airport immigration, tourist spot, theme park
- Privilege Club Membership - hotel chain, golf club, beauty salon
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