POPstore™ TDM is a new generation self-serve ticket dispensing machine that integrates the automatic identification, print on demand and remote monitoring into an all-in-one terminal. The identification and sensing technologies being employed focus on streamlining the ticket dispensing process through self-serve interaction. This unmanned channel not only maximizes the merchants’ sales per square foot output but also enable customers to serve themselves at their own pace in a personal and comfortable way.

Specifically designed for ticketing applications, the machine controller can interface with various scanning devices, identification readers and ticket printers so as to facilitate the ease of ticket dispensing. Depending on the application needs, POPstore TDM supports barcode (1D & 2D), magstripe, optical mark, smartcard and/or RFID authentication. POPstore TDM caters for instant printing as well as e-fulfillment enabling automatic stock updates and host linkage with the content management server.


- Fully automated platform for automated ticketing application in public
- “Print-on-demand” control to dispense and print ticket on demand
- Support automatic identification and instant ticket printing
- Automatic status alert of machine status and paper refill


- Fast time-to-market to build up new service points to interact with
- Self-serve station to complement online purchase for ticket printing on
- Provide flexible channel to enhance customer engagement with the
- Reduce operating costs via remote management & automation


- Movie/Event Ticketing
- Instant Flippest Pass
- Mobile Registration Redemption
- Online Ticket Redemption

Papistry DM – Ticketing Kiosk
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