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POPstore™ IKS is an interactive kiosk specifically designed for new generation point-of-service applications. It offers added convenience of quick and easy access to interactive content and real-time info in out-of-home. Online merchants can leverage on POPstore IKS to establish fast time-to-market presence in locations where they have no physical presence.

Designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind, POPstore IKS features a super-slim design ideally fit for applications where space is a premium. For retail storefronts who plan to extend presence and increase visibility, POPstore IKS is a cost-effective means as an alternative channel to reach target customers through self-service interaction.


- Touchscreen interface for intuitive user interaction
- Ergonomic chassis with space-saving slim design
- Industrial architecture to support durability and reliability
- Remote monitoring module to streamline administration


- Provide information at user privacy without human intervention
- Empower 24x7 round-the-clock service operation in public
- Extend point-of-presence using kiosk as an alternative service channel
- Enable revenue-generating opportunity for out-of-home advertising


- Custom-build metallic chassis
- Industrial PC processing board
- P4 grade CPU, 512M RAM & 80G HDD
- 15”/17” LCD display with capacitive touchscreen
- 3mm Strengthened glass touchscreen protection
- Windows 2000/XP OS or equivalent
- Optional: card reader; receipt printer

POPstore IKS - Interactive Kiosk
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