AcroView iSpot is the audience measurement module that can be used to track the eye-balls of the viewers facing towards the signage or display. It enhances the AcroView AVM platform to prove the reach and measure the effectiveness of content display. The face images of viewers are automatically detected and counted in real-time to provide the data for analyzing the effectiveness of the display.

AcroView iSpot comes as a customized unit with a digital camera and proprietary software that can run on its own or in conjunction with digital signage. The eyeball tracking engine is based on face-detection algorithm to track the faces of the viewers. Thresholds for face angle and gaze duration can be defined to provide more accurate counts. The correlation of the specific content display and face counts is principally based on the time of display and time of capture. These information are useful for out-of-home advertising display applications that can now provide the measure on the effectiveness of a specified ad displayed in a specific time for specific location.
AcroView iSpot
Audience Measurement Module
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