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NEWS 2007
28 December 2007

MajorLink offered its latest Media Player solution for Island Resort – the luxurious property complex located at the east coast of Hong Kong, to quickly deploy its Info Signage application. The AcroView AVM is being adopted for its cost-effectiveness, compact sizing and ease of administration. Each media player works behind a 42 inches LCD TV screen and is being used to replace the existing conventional LED message panels.

21 November 2007

MajorLink showcases its latest kiosk and signage solutions at the 3rd Hotel Expo 2007 from 21-23 November 2007. The event is being held at the newly established Venetian Macao Hotel in Macau. MajorLink will also speak on “The Self-service and Interactive Solutions for the Hospitality Market” in the Hospitality Technology Seminar to be held concurrently. Other speakers include representatives from IBM, PCCW, Schneider Electric, Data World, UCR, Synergy, Beez and Netage.

28 October 2007

MajorLink developed Donation Kiosk for Prince of Wales Hospital Charity Foundation to launch its charity event at KCRC stations. The event will be organized from 28 October 2007 to 28 November 2007 with donation kiosks being installed at Shatin, Tai Wai and City One. For placing the Octopus card, the kiosk will deduct HK$28 as the donation to the foundation.

25 October 2007

MajorLink supplied more Prescription Payment Kiosks to hospitals under Hospital Authority for enabling self-serve payment for prescription. These include Queen Mary, Prince of Wales, Christian United, Tuen Mun and Yan Chai hospitals.

16 July 2007

MajorLink developed the Self-Ordering Photo Software for Kodak to enhance and upgrade its photo ordering operation for its Kodak Express Stores in both Hong Kong and China markets. This latest software comes with more presentable interface and flexible image sorting so as to enhance the ordering process for larger-size photo image and higher-storage card media.

30 June 2007

MajorLink offered the Wireless Handheld Solution for Crown Macau to launch its Fortune Ride marketing campaign. The solution combines the use of handheld terminal and 2D barcode printing to issue randomly generated ticket for lucky draw purpose. Patrons can view the draw status on the plasma display and redeem the ticket at counter equipped with 2D barcode scanner.

20 June 2007

MajorLink supplied the 2D Barcode Scanners for Hong Kong Trade Development council to enhance its existing visitor registration system. Handheld terminals are being used to support mobile registration so that each such registration will generate a receipt with 2D barcode reference. Visitor can present the 2D barcode reference onto the 2D barcode scanner to trigger the immediate print out of a visitor badge.

31 May 2007

MajorLink developed the On-Demand Printing Kiosk for Crown Macau to strengthen its hotel staff management. As a newly built hotel that advocates 6 star service, Crown Macau deployed automated kiosks with instant printing capabilities to streamline the staff payslip and roster printing. The hotel staff can now go to any of these self-serve kiosks, authenticate themselves by waving/swiping their staff cards and then print out their payslip or roster on demand.

18 May 2007

MajorLink speaks at the HP Education Solution Fair on Octopus-enabled Print Control system and showcases the system to fair participants on spot. Other speakers include representatives from HP, DataCap, SSC and Vitova who share their insights on printing technology, job accounting and document management. The event is held today from 13:00 to 16:00 at the 4/F of the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

14 April 2007

MajorLink showcases its latest kiosk and signage solutions at the International ICT Expo 2007 from 14-17 April 2007. It also sponsors the AcroView Signage for the NFC Experience Pavilion – a concurrent event organized by the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association and Wireless Technology Industry Association. This Pavilion showcases state-of-the-art NFC (Near Field Communication) applications and is proudly supported by MasterCard International and the OGCIO of the HKSAR government.

1 February 2007

MajorLink developed the Prescription Payment Kiosk for Hospital Authority so that patients can pay for out-patient prescription using Octopus card on a self-serve manner. The first installation has taken place at Queen Elizabeth hospital while some other hospitals under Hospital Authority are also in the pipeline to deploy similar kiosks.

31 January 2007

MajorLink speaks at the Seminar on the Application of QR Code organized by Million Tech supported by Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association and Wireless Technology Industry Association to present the latest self-service technologies for mobile and QR code applications. Other seminar speakers included representatives from Million Tech and Gravitas.

30 January 2007

MajorLink developed the Pilot Kiosk with a Consultation Report for Hong Kong Housing Authority to study and evaluate the feasibility for kiosk deployment into its public estates for enabling rent enquiry, estate directory, video display, real-time text and other tenant-related features.

24 January 2007

MajorLink’s Managing Director – Mr PM Lai being the Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association is invited to deliver a Keynote Address at the “How to get the most out of your Point-Of-Sale system” seminar organized by GS1 Hong Kong. Other seminar speakers include representatives from Symbol, Synergy and IBM.

2 January 2007

MajorLink developed the first-of-its-kind QR Code Kiosk for Cityline to launch its Mobile Ticketing service. This service is currently under pilot run at UA Times Square. Customers can now purchase tickets online and receive a mobile QR code. Payment will be settled via mobile phone bill. Customers simply present this QR code over the scanner of the QR Code Kiosk and obtain an entrance pass.
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