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NEWS 2005
10 December 2005

MajorLink developed Out-Of-Home Kiosk for One Media – an upstart OOH media owner to enable its advertising media at golf driving range. The kiosk comes with touchscreen for user interaction and is “wrapped” into a stunning golf-ball shaped enclosure. These golf-ball kiosks can now be seen at City Golf and Asia Golf.

1 July 2005

MajorLink collaborated with New Digital Noise again to help California Red expand its smart card based loyalty system to its regional stores located at Malaysia. The system is called Dot Red club which is similar to the dot Red dot Green club successfully been launched in Hong Kong since late 2004.

7 June 2005

MajorLink provided its electronic queue display system to Fairwood – one of the leading fast food chains in Hong Kong for enabling its silent-serve dining environment. The electronic display makes use of eye-catching LED and works with MajorLink’s specially designed control keypad that equips with fast tag scanning function.

1 June 2005

MajorLink offered it Campus Smart Cards to International School Bangkok (ISB) in Bangkok so that students can make use of these cards to access various services insider the school premises. Located in Bangkok, ISB is one of the leading international schools in the Asia region.

1 May 2005

MajorLink joined force with Wisespot to develop and supply an Automated Betting Kiosk for Macau Slot to provide patrons with a self-service channel to place bets with privacy. The kiosk equips with OMR reader to read bet slips and smart card reader to facilitate payment authentication. Macau Slot is one of the first licensed sports betting service operator in Asia.

14 April 2005

MajorLink showcases its award-winning technologies including transaction kiosk, digital signage and smart card solutions at the International ICT Expo 2005. The Expo will be held during 14-17 April 2005 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.
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