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NEWS 2004
31 December 2004

MajorLink partnered with New Digital Noise – a digital advertising media company to develop a smart card based automated loyalty system to California Red for enabling its automated incentives reward program. California Red operates a chain of 18 Karaoke stores and is one of the most popular entertainment service providers in Hong Kong.

22 December 2004

MajorLink developed an Electronic Queue Display system for Café De Coral to enable its silent-serve dining environment. Café De Coral is the largest Chinese fast food chain in Hong Kong and operates more than 100 self-service fast food outlets in the territory. The system consists of an eye-catching LED display plus a specially designed control keypad that equips with fast tag scanning function.

25 November 2004

MajorLink provided its Loyalty Smart Card system to a restaurant chain in Norway for enabling an instant reward program at the point of sales counter. Customers are issued loyalty cards that can be used to earn points. 20% of the transactions are given as points and these points can be redeemed as cash dollars for next transaction.

15 November 2004

MajorLink provided a Digital Narrowcasting System to Island Resort for enabling its in-home info channel so that administers can easily manage and deliver the content like management notices, maintenance schedules and estate events in a nicely designed template to home users through ordinary TV reception via the existing SMARTV system.

1 November 2004

MajorLink supported UA Cinemas to expand its smart card based loyalty system into its new store at Langham Place – the new landmark of Mongkok Kowloon. Other than Langham Place, other UA Cinemas stores have successfully deployed the UA Loyalty Club since around mid 2003.

13 October 2004

MajorLink speaks on “The Application of Membership and Loyalty System for Retailers” in the SME Seminar organized by the Trade and Industry Department with support from Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA). The event will be held on 13 October 2004 in the Trade and Industry Department seminar room. Other speakers include representatives from Advanced Card Systems and RTIA.

20 September 2004

MajorLink was selected by Kodak (Hong Kong) to participate in a customization and localization project related to the payment interface for Kodak Picture Maker kiosks. The scope of project includes software interface adaptation, Octopus reader integration and Octopus certification support.

2 September 2004

MajorLink was proudly selected as one of the 30 best practice companies being benchmarked by a project jointly organized by the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong implemented by the CMA-CityU Centre for Entrpreneurial Devlopment.

1 September 2004

MajorLink offered AcroView signage management system for Instore Advertising at Tesco Lotus Thailand. This state-of-the-art advertising system contains more than 350 display units including both 15" LCD and 42" plasma grouped into zones like foodstuff, beverages and household etc being installed into 23 superstores. The display controllers are wirelessly linked within each store which is connected with the central server through leased line.

1 August 2004

MajorLink provided Membership Card system to China Hong Kong Rowing Club which operates a training center at Shatin nearby the Shing Mun River. The system consists of membership card, club website and remote monitoring solutions.

1 July 2004

MajorLink joined force with MyIT-school to offer IP-based network camera and multi-application smart card system for campus IT innovation projects. MyIT-school is the largest education software developer in Hong Kong backed by the HK University of Science & Technology and currently serves more than half of the school clientele in Hong Kong.

30 June 2004

MajorLink offered its AcroView Signage system for MacroVision to manage and control its “mall-centric” out-of-home advertising display network. MacroVision is an upstart player in OOH advertising by adopting high resolution projector screen technologies to enable cost-effective large screen display with the size of 120-140 inches.

16 June 2004

MajorLink developed and supplied a Web-based Monitoring solution for the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park to enable its remote surveillance application for easy capture, view, search and playback functions over the internet.

6 June 2004

MajorLink sponsored the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Design for its Product Innovation class to explore the possible scenarios of applying kiosk, display and card in innovative product applications. The outstanding projects were recognized with awards being presented concurrently with Philips Design Awards in the design graduation show held on 5 June 2004 in the Hong Kong Science Museum.

25 May 2004

MajorLink provided its loyalty card support to Barista Café for enabling its membership card issuance, personalization and printing. Barista Café originates from Korea and now runs a chain of lifestyle coffee shops at strategic locations including ferry piers, inside ferry and prime locations in Hong Kong.

17 April 2004

MajorLink was invited to speak in the symposium organized by the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) on the Use of Technology in Retail Innovation. This symposium was a concurrent event during the ICT Expo 2004. Other speakers include representatives from RTIA, HKANA, WTIA, Million Tech and Pricerite.

14 April 2004

MajorLink showcases its latest technologies ranging from award-winning loyalty card and digital signage to on-demand kiosk solutions at the International ICT Expo 2004. The Expo will be held during 14-17 April 2004 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

12 February 2004

MajorLink collaborated with Kaizor to sponsor the HK Polytechnic University – School of Design for its Product Innovation class. The student teams are required to undertake their own user research projects to explore the possible scenarios of employing innovative product applications. Each team revolved around a selected domain for study with a focused theme on how interactive kiosk, wireless display and smart card technologies can be applied.
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