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The prevalence of new media offers much appeal to marketers who have products and services to offer or who have ad messages to deliver across. Advertisers can take advantage of the new media because they are either reaching a different audience, able to afford the new media, or can target a message appropriate to the product or service within a specific time period at a specified location. Unlike the traditional media that involves one-way communication which is highly unfocused, new media allows marketers to establish an interaction with individual consumers.

The market for interactive advertising has emerged, driven by convergence of communications and digital technologies. The advances in communication infrastructures, prevalence of Internet access and penetration of mobile phones have come together to create a new paradigm for interactive advertising. In particular, content is the lifeblood of any advertising network - and content management is its heart. How to manage content so as to create the maximum appeal for user interaction is critical to success. Behind the scenes are the emerging technologies such as time-sharing, location positioning, audience measurement and wireless interaction that facilitate the building up of a new interactive media.
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