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Digital signage like LCD, plasma or projector screen, once an advantage, is now a necessity to competitiveness for in-store marketing and out-of-home promotion. This has also captured the immense interests of operators in out-of-home advertising space. The demand for latest display technology, solutions and software are now clearly strategic in nature. The real opportunity arises when the costs of these displays go down substantially and that the displays can now be centrally linked and remotely managed through content management.

MajorLink advocates the concept of digital narrowcasting which is about the digital delivery and content serving for networked signage that can be centrally controlled and remotely triggered through IP network. With a combination of customized hardware and proprietary software, MajorLink offer platforms that enables networked digital signage with time-specific, location-based and synchronized capabilities. As a pioneer for proximity marketing, MajorLink continues to focus its development on optimizing content serving through wireless or mobile networks.
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AcroView AVM - Signage Management Platform
AcroView ACMS - Content Management Server
AcroView iSpot - Audience Measurement Module
SenBlue - Bluetooth Transmission Module
SmartSign - Wireless LED Display