Univeral Octopus Payment System

The Univeral Octopus Payment System (UOPS) is designed to support unattended self-service laundry shops and provides interactive touch screen system to interact with laundry machines and dryers with cashless payment solution such as Octopus Payment System. It is equipped with robust industrial IPC and LCD that runs 24x7 and utilizes programmable menu and parameters for endless opportunities for future expansion and upgrades. Asides from that, all the options could be managed and programmable remotely via a Central Management System (CMS). Each UOPS is equipped with controller that is capable to monitor and control up to 12 laundry machines (6 washers and 6 dryers) and able to display the real time status of each machine. Future upgrades also includes promotional codes and membership registrations for loyalty programs and remote notifications to mobile devices.
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i-Concierge System - 2nd Generation

MajorLink will deploy its innovative 2nd generation i-Concierge System for one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Integrating with Cisco Unified Communication Systems, MajorLink i-Concierge System delivers easy-to-manage solutions that give businesses or enterprises the latest communication technologies that allows users to chat and meet and collaborate virtually and remotely via the kiosks. Remote agents are able to assist end-users' enquiries and push necessary information such as application forms to end-user's mobile devices or guide end-users to make reservations remotely. It supports live crystal clear video communications as well as real time map integration, directory services, smartcard payment, booking systems digital signage and offline information retrieval. All the content can be managed centrally via the latest innovative Central Management System (CMS) with ease.

Hong Kong Baptist University - Interactive Digital Signage

MajorLink had helped Hong Kong Baptist University ( Academy of Film Department) to deploy an interactive Digital Signage System (i-DDS). The i-DDS includes a 42" Multi Touch Display and latest DDS technology that incorporates "iPad-like" touch navigation with video and graphics content display. All these contents could be managed remotely via the Content Management System.

Motorized Kiosks

MajorLink had developed a second generation Motorized Kiosk that provides an unobstruct front-end access to the kiosk control. The design incorporates a smoother and more silent mechanical movement of the large touch screen display (vertically) to ensure kiosk content could be accessed all users with different heights. Future feature will incorporate automatic vertical height adjust via face detection.
Nov 2014

HKTDC - Badge Printing Kiosks

MajorLink developed a new generation of Fair Registration Kiosk for Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). These touchscreen kiosks allow business travellers to register their personal and business data at the convenience at the hotel lobbies, airport and at the front of the exhibition halls. These kiosks are able to print badges that looks exactly the same as the one they get from the counter. Those who have pre-registered over the Internet, could also get their badges from the kiosks by scanning the codes (barcode or QRCode) associated with the confirmation slips. The new generation of kiosk support badge printing, namecard scanning, QR Code identification, LTE / 4G network for real-time data upload and status monitoring. The Central Monitoring System has been enhanced to support more hardware and application software real time status monitoring such as paper refill, printer "out-of-ribbion" notification, unauthorized access, application failure and many more.
May 2014

Coupon Kiosks

MajorLink had helped Online HK Ltd. to develop about 120 coupon kiosks known as "Carrot Coupon Kiosk" for BTS SkyTrain, Bangkok. Recently launched at more than 20 BTS stations in Bangkok, these kiosks allows "Rabbit-Card" holders to enroll for membership and registered members are able to redeem benefits such as discount coupons from the kiosk. These kiosks support contactless smartcard module, coupon printing, digital signage systems and real time hardware kiosk monitoring systems.
April 2013

Hospital Authority - Motorized Kiosk

MajorLink had deployed Motorized Kiosk System for the Hospital Authority and helped them to provide an ergonomic and "disabled friendly" kiosk access for wheelchair users. The design incorporates mechanical movement of the touch screen display that allows user to adjust the position of the display upward and downward vertically with a single touch of a button. The maximum and minimum height of the touch screen display has been designed to ensure all users will be able to access the kiosk information with ease
December 2012

Labour Department - Employment Kiosks and Kiosks Management System

MajorLink provided Employment Kiosks for the Labour Department (HK) and had helped them to roll out more than 80 sets of kiosk for the past 2 years. The kiosks are equipped with reliable 120mm thermal printing and 19" touch screen technologies.Asides from that, MajorLink had custom-developed an interactive Kiosk Monitoring Systems (KMS) that allows administrators to monitor all the kiosks installed at different locations remotely. The system is able to notify administrators or assigned staff automatically the health of the kiosks and printers' status such as paper jam, out of paper etc. It also allows administrators to control the kiosk remotely from the KMS such as triggering a remote shutdown or requesting the kiosk to display the "files upload" status. Currently, the KMS has been used to monitor more than hundreds of Labour Department kiosks in Hong Kong
August 2012

Yuen Long Plaza - e-Directory Kiosk

MajorLink had helped Yuen Long plaza to deploy 42" e-Directory Systemthat supports a new generation of multi-touch interactions as well as embedded digital signage module. The new system incorporates a "multi-point sensing" navigation that enables users to interact with the kiosk with ease. The experience of the kiosk navigation will be the same as today's widely used smartdevices touch screen interaction.

Besides that, content management wise, the system provides an intelligent way to manage the content such as interactive path locator. Kiosk administrator does not have to draw the path manually each time they change the content of the shop locations. The system will be able to find and draw the path from one location to another via 2 different co-ordinates defined with the shortest path determined by the system. All of these content management tasks can be done remotely from the head office.
April 2012

Multi-Touch Table Application for Property Management

MajorLink designed and developed a multi-touch table application for Wheelock Properties (HK) to assist them to provide multimedia and interactive information to their prospective property buyers. It supports interactive content viewing and mutliple interactions can be done on the screen at the same time by more than one users. The system includes a 42" multi touch screen system, a custom-made table kiosk enclosure and an interactive multimedia property directory application.
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